Still Actively Having With Their Wives?

From the correspondence that I get, I find that there is a perception that a man who is cheating on his wife will stop having sex with her. I sometimes get letters from “the other woman” asking me if she should believe a husband who claims that he isn’t being intimate with his wife anymore. I’m not sure why, but this is often very important to her. She might say: “the guy that I have been seeing

has told me that he didn’t sleep with his wife for six months before he met me and that he hasn’t been sleeping with her since we got together. They have kids, which is the only reason he stays. However, I have a friend who is also friends with his wife. And she says that she would not be surprised if they are still having sex because they both act normally and somewhat affectionately when they are together. She said she just saw them holding hands walking around the neighborhood. Could he by lying to me?”

Along that same line of thinking, a wife might suspect her husband of cheating but ultimately may decide that he probably is not because their sex life is still active and still pretty good. She might assume that because the husband is getting good and frequent sex at home, then she has nothing to worry about in the infidelity department. She might say: “my husband has been away from home much more than usual lately. He works late. He goes out. He takes more phone calls than usual and takes them where I can’t hear what he is saying. I would suspect him of cheating except for the fact that we are still having some pretty good sex.”

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