Swinging Etiquette for Parties and Clubs

Sticking to the good manners is the best key to enjoy yourself and have fun with all the people you meet. Treat with dignity and respect everyone you make contact with, the way you would like them to respect you.

Courtesy Works: Every swinger has its own set of logics for being on the swinging scene. So, be polite, open and friendly when having a conversation with them. Gently turn someone down if you have to, because there will be occasions when you will be turned down.

Make no enemies: Politeness remains the key factor in swinging. You have to be polite and courteous all the time even if you are not interested playing with someone. You may have a number of other interests common or you may meet the other couple/person somewhere again who may introduce you to a swinger whom you think you are compatible with and want to spend time with.

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