Take Your Dancing To New Heights Through Better Breathing

By | December 23, 2017

When learning to dance, first we concentrate on learning patterns, hearing the beat and maintaining communication with our partner. However, after we become familiar with the patterns we want to dance, are able to dance on beat, and are comfortable leading and/or following your partner, the next steps to mastership are actually less mechanical in nature.

Advanced concepts in dancing has more to do with attunement and flow of energy. We need to get our body in a receptive mode and the way to do that is through proper breathing.

The importance of proper breathing is prevalent in any skill we want to develop, whether playing the piano, martial arts or dancing. It helps you to relax and perform at a higher level.

Developing good breathing habits will not only improve your dance skills, but it will give you more stamina and control in any activity you choose.

The first thing we can do to improve our breathing is to become more aware of it. Start concentrating on the depth and rhythm of your breathing without trying to change it. Then, slowly increase the range of your inhalation and exhalation.

Also, proper posture improves our breathing naturally. Keep your shoulders back and your head straight allowing the chest to open up and your rip cage to expand and contract freely

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