The Dancing Hearts

The widespread spectrum of art consists of several forms. Each form is unique in its physical and metaphysical aspects. Any single variation in life leaves an impact upon art. Likewise, the art expresses the same versatility through its existence. From a living sperm to life itself as a whole, the rhythmic movements have been logically explored by great minds of all cultures.

Some biological research scientists observed the dancing of honey bee, whereas, others discovered the dancing of pea-cocks and cobras in their mating season. Anthropologists found the nonverbal communication in human tribes. Regardless of color and creed, the human communities have been exploring effective physical movements to get their nerves in accordance with the natural serenity. Simply speaking, dance in all its forms whispers the sweet melodious songs of life.

The water cycle, in itself, is purely an example of this rhythmic movement. Right from formation of clouds to their movement in the sky, it is the wind that provides required energy. The human aesthetic sense is filled with refreshing scenic beauty of flying clouds to and fro. It is nothing else but the clouds’ dance. Their dancing brings for us the blessed moments. If they get closer while dancing on the stage of sky, they present the surface of earth with lightning and thunder bolts. When they start their journey from one place to another, the cloudy whispers forecast the blessings of rain. With their full of life dance, all the hearts continue with their dancing processes.

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