Time management is something that effects the professional dancer. First is the fact that many performers dance so much that they forget to practice or don’t make time. Moves get sloppy and repetitive and the dancer’s enthusiasm goes down the drain. As a performer we must honor ourselves and our audience by dancing the best show possible. Training and practicing enhances techniques and they keep all of us in shape not only physically but mentally. Another factor is not having time with family or friends. The dance can to take over the life of the dancer. So the dancer has to make decisions based on what kind of family life she wants to preserve. Performing can also become addictive so make sure that the gigs that you agree to are worth it in time and money. Remember, you can always say “no” to a gig.

This definitely does not help in the confidence area. Most people if they are not educated regarding our type of dance, don’t understand what they are watching. And if a performer doesn’t know how to perform in front of different types of audiences, this can be devastating. One way to know what to expect in advance is to find out what kind of venue you may be performing at. It seems simple and rather basic but when dancers perform a lot, certain questions can easily be forgotten. And there are those performances that you know in advance might be questionable. Either way just know that you have to end the performance with confidence knowing you did your best. There are venues where a dancer was incredible and still will get a luke warm response from the audience. Don’t judge yourself by the audiences response. Judge yourself by how you felt inside. Your gut will always tell you the truth.

Remember that second guessing yourself just adds fuel to the fire of self doubt. So here’s a little secret I would like to share with you:All performers have an advantage before they ever get in front of people. This one advantage is the fact that the story they will tell will be one of a kind. This in itself is a miracle. And to remember oneself is a reminder of the miracle that you are and dancing is a way of telling the world about miracles. So when you are feeling the “belly dance burn out” just remember the miracle that you are and the miracles that you need to share.

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