The Evolution of Pakistani

By | September 29, 2017

Mujra is a kind of dance performance that finds its roots to the tawaifs of the Mughal era. It included rudiments of the indigenous classical dances and music including Kathaks, thumris and ghazals. During the Mughal Era, mujra was a family custom that often passed from one generation to another in Muslim practitioners.

In modern times, mujra performers have become popular with weddings, birthdays and other events in countries like Pakistan and India. pakistani mujra has come to become more associated with modern form of the dance, and it is widely popular coupled with the local music of

the region. Certain forms of the dance are performed on aphrodisiac lines that have come to be known as hot mujra. This form of mujra has become quite popular in bachelor events, due to the touch of provoking aspects. Generally, these performances are done by professional dancers and actresses. Often mujra are performed in private events, meant to entertain the audiences. These events tend to be notorious and arousing parties.

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