Time Management Tips – How to Create a Morning Ritual to Channel Positive Energy

Time management tips can enhance your energy when you create a potent morning ritual. Even a brief ritual generates power you can draw upon as your day unfolds. Want to expand your possibilities?

A morning ritual is a special promise you make to yourself – one you make sure to keep. You make a commitment to nourish your confidence, your competence, and your joy in being alive. In fact, your ritual becomes a bridge between your core self and whatever challenges you face until evening.

Indulge yourself in a good way. Fill your morning ritual with activities that resonate so deeply that they validate who you are and remind you of how you want to live your life. This daily foundation provides you with inner peace and focus that can support you when things get rough. Of course, your ritual will be a perfect fit for you alone – a unique and evolving exploration of what works the best for you.

You can use the following sentence completion exercise to identify your individual needs and preferences. Then, you can use this information to create a ritual customized just for you:

Your morning ritual helps you transition from fast asleep to wide awake.
“The thing I find hardest thing about getting up is ________.”

Your personal transition ritual might include waking to music that sparks your optimism, morning yoga stretches, your favorite dance video, or simply a quiet moment with a fragrant cup of tea or coffee.

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