Tips For Applying Professional Looking Stage Make Up For Dancers

When applying stage makeup, the trick for professional looking stage make up is to always look overdone or over made up. The reason for this is that you will be performing to an audience that will be sitting far away from you, and thus you will need your features to stand out more than they normally would for greater impact on your audience.

If you have never worn stage make up, then you are going to feel as though you have applied far too much the first time. With stage make up you can go wild. The people that you are performing for will be sitting well away from you, and the make up will make your appearance more flattering, and make you stand out, especially for those people from the middle to the back of the theatre.

Another aspect to consider when applying professional stage make up is the lighting in the theatre If the lighting is too blue or too red, your features will disappear on the stage. Only good make up will correct this problem, and enable the audience to see the features on your face.Under bright stage lighting, use cream instead of white. Use brown instead of blue and purple, and avoid yellow, as it looks like white.

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