Today’s Generation of Women Become Empowered Globally

Today’s women are empowered, even in global communities. In a wide range of industries, women are making names for themselves. Thanks to the encouragement women are receiving and the training readily available around the world, much of which is nurtured through the internet, the limited roles of women are almost a thing of the past. Women’s empowerment is definitely making a great difference in the roles women are seeking to play in today’s global economy. It wasn’t long ago that the roles of women in many societies and in different industries were limited purely based on gender. Nowadays, with the playing field leveled in many ways through access to technology, women play very important roles and are key contributors in most developing countries.

For North American women, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that women in many countries were not allowed to go to school. Jobs were limited for men, not only due to physical constraints, but because women had no access to the training for special skills needed for specific jobs. In many cultures, women were not encouraged to express opinions, and in fact, often their opinions were oppressed. Important business decisions were always made by men. The woman’s primary role was simply to bear children and to manage the household. In many societies, women were obliged to literally stay by their partner’s side and act accordingly. Even the richest women were not treated fairly. Men were favored more than the women financially, too, relative to vesting power and inheritance. Fortunately, this has changed in many places in the world. Of course, we still see a few places remaining where the old rules apply.

Today, around the globe, women are awakening to their power to be the best they can be. There are so many doctors, businesswomen, lawyers, and many other successful women in careers today. In politics, women are actively participating. Women hold the office of the president, the senator, the congressman/woman, and other political leadership roles. In the field of entertainment, global women are becoming household names because of their movie hits and musical skill. In the field of education, you’ll find great teachers and leaders who are women. In the field of religion, you will find plenty of women ministers and preachers. In the field of business, there are many women who are on the top of the corporate ladder and every day, women start new small businesses. And in many cases, their success is astounding.

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