Top 4 Dance Coaching Tips For Coaches

By | February 7, 2018

You need to be a perfectionist to be a great dancer…to be a great coach you need to have been a great dancer and a great leader. The elegance and romanticism of dancing in any style is a very entertaining medium. Dancers work very hard to perfect their craft make physical and mental sacrifices to get into the shape they need to be in order to perform their best.

Dancers very often have coaches who help them reach their goals. Coaches can either help dancers to reach one-time goals or coach them for long-term successes. Dance is also a sport and there are several sport coaching tips for dance that help ensure success:

* Train dancers as you would any other sport. They require frequent exercise routines, special diets and lifestyle disciplines in order to be successful.
* Set regimented goals for the dancers. Employ a timeline for dancers to meet certain dance skills and gauge their abilities as you coach them.
* Take the dancers to and let them participate in dance competitions. This allows them to see other dancers in action and learn to appreciate other dance styles.
* Use history textbooks and special guest dancers (speakers) to further expose the dancers to the particular style of dance that you are coaching.

Dance coaching can be done as a one-coach effort or as a team coaching effort. Dance teams vary anywhere from individuals to multi-level dance squads. Effective coaching will bring out the best in the individual or the team, whichever applies and ensure their success. Being consistent, strict yet keeping the routines fun and exciting can be mutually rewarding for both the coach and dancers.

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