Traditional Hula Class Lessons Versus Online Hula Lessons

With the influence of technology on our society, it would be a shame to not harness this powerful form of communication to teach Hula lessons.

In November 2009, Web Hula, the internet’s first monthly online hula membership club was born giving you another option to taking Hula lessons.

Convenience – If you have a busy and sporadic schedule, attending a traditional hula class setting may be difficult because you might miss a class or two every month. With online lessons, however, you can study your monthly lessons anytime you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your convenience.

. Consistency – If you do miss your weekly class then eventually you’ll have to find out what you missed and learn it later. This poses a problem because a fellow student who might be kind enough to help you may have misinterpreted the dance moves that were taught at the class you missed and teach it wrong to you. With online Hula lessons, every lesson is captured on video therefore making the teaching perfectly consistent.

. Accuracy – A huge part of learning Hula is to make sure that you are doing the motions correctly. In a traditional class setting, the teacher and the assistants will be able to evaluate and correct your dancing (with time permitting of course). With online Hula lessons, you’ll have the convenience of watching the videos over and over to help correct yourself.

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