The Truth About Student Music Recitals

Music students should perform to showcase and validate their abilities. But the key aspect is to not be limited in performing exclusively at or for their teacher’s studio. This limitation has insidious disadvantages powerful enough to make a student quit. Many music instructors observe this phenomenon.

It is a common custom for certain music teachers to hold recitals that showcase their students’ accomplishments by having them perform, usually in a booked hall and with refreshments served and certificates of participation issued. While in theory this may seem like a good idea, it has drawbacks which one should be aware of.

One reason is that it can bring down a student’s self-confidence, especially a child’s. If, say, an 11-year-old started learning at age 10 and is performing something less advanced than an 8-year-old who started learning at age 4, it can be discouraging to him/her. While it’s true that the 8-year-old has been learning longer, the 11-year-old doesn’t necessarily comprehend that analytically.

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