Two Weddings Are Twice As Nice!

By | January 3, 2018

If you are a celebrity trend watcher, you have probably noticed that one of the biggest wedding trends of the stars is to have two weddings (to the same person!). It is not only stars like Bruce Willis, Salma Hayek, and Gisele Bundchen who are deciding that one ceremony is just not enough. Many regular brides and grooms are also discovering that there can be some excellent reasons to say your “I do”s two times.

When a couple decides to have two wedding ceremonies, the typical sequence is to have one small private ceremony followed by a larger celebration for all of your friends and family. In the case of celebrities, the first ceremony is often done in private to avoid media attention, and may not be followed by a real reception on that day. It is the larger second ceremony that is topped off with a fabulous reception.

Even if you are not a star hiding from the paparazzi, you may still find that a pair of wedding ceremonies can help solve some of your wedding dilemmas. One bride and groom that I knew felt that their wedding was becoming all about the bride’s mother’s wishes, and not about them at all. They decided to have a private lakefront ceremony before the “big day” so they could have a moment to savor what their ceremony was really supposed to be about: their marriage. Another couple that I know wanted to exchange their vows on Valentine’s Day, and did so in an intimate City Hall wedding. The bride also felt that it was important to have the blessing of her church, so the February vows were followed by nuptials in the summer with a reception for all of their family and friends.

A pair of weddings can also be a practical solution to having families that are split between the East and West Coasts, or even international locales. Rather than asking one family to trek across the country or halfway around the world, you can have one ceremony and celebration with each family in their hometown. In this situation, it would certainly be no secret that the couple was already officially married at the time of the later ceremony. It is often the case that close family and friends want to be able to witness you exchange your vows, even if they know it is an encore.

When it comes to planning for two weddings, most brides will be thrilled to realize that it gives them a perfect excuse to get two wedding gowns and two sets of bridal jewelry to match! After all, what works for a tiny ceremony on a hidden beach or in City Hall is not what will seem at home in a grand church or a fancy country club. Most of the time, brides will wear more simple gowns for the first ceremony, and then really go all out for the larger ceremony with elaborate gowns and eye-catching bridal jewelry sets. The fun part about this is getting to indulge more than one side of your personality and taste.

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