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By | August 26, 2017

Before I could say ‘Jack’, my thoughts were proven to be a mere oversight. The yahoozee era had dawned on every Nigerian city. The yahoozee dance style had some negative intonations; it was alleged to be a dance style founded by internet scammers and fraudsters popularly known in Nigerian suburbs as yahoo boys. The reign of the dance poured on every Nigerian like a torrential downpour of rainfall. From the kindergarten schools to the universities, the Nigerian people did the yahoozee dance with a sense of vigour. Nigerian singer, Olu Maintain adopted this dance style as a trade mark and re-packaged yahoozee into a brand. The dance which looks very imbecilic contains a lot of hand movements while the feet remain rather stationary.

Once again I thought the Nigerian populace would be out of ideas, but I was proven to be so wrong. The Atalanta breeze has slowly but surely crept into every Nigerian social function. Churches, amusement spots, work places, and dance shows have all contracted the Atalanta fever. From the rural to the urban areas, everyone has towed the Atalanta line. The movement of the hands and legs produces a crazy spectacle. In the last African cup of nations (AFCON 2010) hosted by Angola, Nigerian football maestros like Peter Osaze Odemwingie and Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins at various times did the Atalanta dance as a celebration of their goals. Nigerian musicians like Artquake, Terry G, Timaya, TuFace Idibia and Ruggedman have also been proud exports of the Alanta culture.

As I write, many dance steps are cropping up in various parts of Nigeria. I would suggest to the Ministry of Culture and tourism to look into the dancing market and try to strategize ways to exploit this market. If the dancing industry is properly exploited, then Nigeria might begin to enjoy the influx of tourists into the country.

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