Will Learning Locking Dance Moves Make You A Better Dancer?

Whichever dance style you decide to take up you will undergo a training process that should improve your dance skills over time. This is true of all the major dance skills so you can expect things such as improved balance, co-ordination and rhythm whichever style you take up.

Learning locking will make you a more skilled dancer overall. Like all other dance styles, locking has sets of moves that are frequently done and so when you begin learning you are likely to learn these moves as well.

These include moves such as locks, Scooby Doo’s and claps amongst other moves. So back to the question – will learning locking will make you a better dancer? In short yes it will.

You will have a wider array of moves you will be able to do, you may be able to pull off routines and you will be able to do a host of other things that dancers that have not learnt the style will not be able to do.

However the caveat with locking (as with any dance style) is that learning it does not guarantee that you will be able to make those moves that you learn look good. There are two parts to learning dance moves.

The first part is being able to pull them off and do the movements in the right order. The second part is being able to make them actually look like they’re supposed to!

What this usually means for you is that you might actually need to spend months if not years in order to be able to get the moves to the sort of standard where you would be happy to show them off in a club or party.

If you can do the moves that you learn to a good standard then people will certainly notice an improvement in your dancing. Nearly all dance classes will give you guidelines on how to do the steps so that they look good; however it takes longer for some people to achieve this aim than others.

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