Worth Dying For – Lee Child – Book Review

Worth Dying For is supposedly a sequel to his previous book, 61 Hours, but it doesn’t really explain any more from that work, so much so that it made me wonder if this is indeed the sequel at all, or may be there is still another one to come.

This one is set in the wilds of Nebraska where the Duncan family rule the roost. They run the only haulage business in town, and if the croppers and growers want their grain taken to market they hire the Duncans’ trucks or they pay the penalty.

But the Duncans are ambition people. They are not going to stop at carrying their neighbours’ grain. What do you think? They want fingers in every pie. They want to control everyone’s lives and they pretty much do until, you’ve guessed it, Jack Reacher turns up, on his way to Virginia, somewhat out of his way, but that sums Reacher up to a tee.

Reacher makes friends, he’s a friendly kind of guy, and soon hears the story of the disappearance of an eight year old girl from years ago, and that fires his interest, and against all the advice, his early departure is delayed.

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